317883_4525275382519_1850096949_nGuro/Sifu/Sensei Jerome Teague is a former member of the US Army and an Iraq War Veteran. While serving in the military, he received numerous medals and commendations including: Operation Enduring Freedom Expeditionary Medal, Operation Iraqi Freedom Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Medal, and two Army Commendation Medals for his work in personal security for high-ranking military personnel, high profile Iraqi Nationals, and US Government Civilians and media from March 2003-April 2004.

Jerome has trained in a variety of martial arts spanning the gambit of systems of Far East and South East Asia. He currently holds the rank of Yondan with instructor certification under Massaaki Hatsumi in traditional Japanese Budo and Ninpo arts, as well as a first level Black Sash in Ng Family Shaolin Kung Fu. He has also trained extensively with a wide variety of instructors of Jeet Kun Do to include Sifu Kevin Taylor (JKD Grappling Association), Sifu Jesus Moya (Defcon Warrior’s Academy) Sifu Rick Caudle (PFS), and others.

His Filipino Martial Arts experience includes training in Nickelstick Balintawak under Guro Christos Kousatasios of Thessaloniki Greece with an official teaching licensure from GM Nicomedes Elizar. He has also trained in Modern Arnis, Villabrille- Largusa Kali, Inosanto-Lacoste Kali, and elements of Indonesian Silat under various instructors and mentors. Currently Jerome is the highest ranking US instructor and the Regional Representative for the Southeastern United States for the Applied Eskrima Saavedra System and the USA Representative for Sifu Jesus Moya’s Applied Panantukan System.