Dirty Boxing

Suntukan Dirty Boxing

2 Modules 5 Chapters 31 Lessons Intermediate

SUNTUKAN, also called Panantukan and Dirty Boxing is one of many empty hands form of fighting found in the Philippines. These arts borrow heavily from western boxing going back to the late 19th Century and onward and also include kicking, locking, and takedowns. As with all FMA, there is a great deal of overlap with the impact and bladed weaponry in both the movements of the hands, footwork, as well as core concepts such as damaging the attacking limb of the opponent (limb destructions/ defending the snake).

In this section, Guro Jerome Teague presents the 3 main areas of his personal approach to the topic of dirty boxing:

PHASE 1: Basic Kickboxing (Footwork, Hand Attacks, Kicks, Combination Attacks, and Defense)

PHASE 2: Advanced applications of Defense, Hubud Drill, and Trapping

PHASE 3: Locks and Takedowns